83579 Commits (master)

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  Jürgen Buchmüller b68dda91d7
common/shlibs: remove obsolete libprocps.so.6 9 months ago
  John f3a4f2328e New package: ice-ssb-5.3.0 10 months ago
  maxice8 301309a077 shotwell: update to 0.28.3. 9 months ago
  maxice8 ae20e02169 neofetch: update to 5.0.0. 9 months ago
  maxice8 9b00ae8b7a uptimed: update to 0.4.1. 9 months ago
  maxice8 ca260f6b4b ppsspp: update to 1.6.3. 9 months ago
  John 8e8c71c780 New package: blur-effect-1.1.3 10 months ago
  SolitudeSF 872af6d3da New package: gallery-dl-1.4.0 10 months ago
  lemmi 0c86474c77 rubberband: update to 1.8.2. 9 months ago
  Jürgen Buchmüller 0d03c95918
freetype: create legacy freetype-config script 9 months ago
  Andrea Brancaleoni 0f9ef34b09 python-CherryPy: update to 16.0.2. 9 months ago
  nutcase84 61a4bc48cd New package: Carla-1.9.8 9 months ago
  SolitudeSF af57bc5434 New package: waifu2x-converter-cpp-5.2 11 months ago
  maxice8 258228fdf2 libXaw3d: update to 1.6.3. 9 months ago
  maxice8 a1baa4736a kapow: update to 1.5.6. 9 months ago
  maxice8 dd989c6188 libdazzle: update to 3.28.3. 9 months ago
  maxice8 9189e19ddb gnome-calculator: update to 3.28.2. 9 months ago
  maxice8 81ab5a32d7 jsonrpc-glib: update to 3.28.1. 9 months ago
  maxice8 9c3c4bf420 mate-terminal: update to 1.20.1. 9 months ago
  maxice8 62ec669277 python-ruamel.yaml: update to 0.15.40. 9 months ago
  bra1nwave 2d7920f9ed New package: gqrx-2.11.5 9 months ago
  bra1nwave ad85cfdab8 New package: gnuradio-osmosdr-0.1.4 9 months ago
  newbluemoon cc377559b5 perl-File-ShareDir: update to 1.112 9 months ago
  maxice8 7f148ab637 rakudo: update to 2018.05. 9 months ago
  maxice8 9070370867 nqp: update to 2018.05. 9 months ago
  Michael Aldridge 8b19839880 grafana: build missing assets 9 months ago
  maxice8 fceed4b8e9 evolution-ews: update to 3.28.3. 9 months ago
  maxice8 b3293080b7 evolution: update to 3.28.3. 9 months ago
  maxice8 6e02829fc7 evolution-data-server: update to 3.28.3. 9 months ago
  SolitudeSF 9a0b841ebd New package: scrcpy-1.2 11 months ago
  John 7874262d91 New package: lolcat-c-0.0.2017.12.20 9 months ago
  lemmi 71b85492f4 youtube-dl: update to 2018.06.18. 9 months ago
  maxice8 d7e4aaeb0e libraw: update to 0.18.12. 9 months ago
  maxice8 4077cb326e New package: perl-Inline-C-0.78. 9 months ago
  maxice8 79585166f4 New package: perl-Inline-0.80. 9 months ago
  maxice8 e59539a93c New package: perl-Pegex-0.64. 9 months ago
  maxice8 7ef86b3ba9 New package: perl-File-Copy-Recursive-0.44. 9 months ago
  maxice8 c7ce148677 New package: perl-Test-File-1.443. 9 months ago
  maxice8 024480303d New package: perl-Test-utf8-1.01. 9 months ago
  maxice8 dd63aceb32 efivar: update to 36. 11 months ago
  maxice8 d24d105170 efibootmgr: update to 16. 11 months ago
  travankor 0b8e75046e New package: kronometer-2.2.1 9 months ago
  travankor 0e651c3d05 New package: kcharselect-18.04.2 9 months ago
  lemmi 535b1e7ef9 CONTRIBUTING.md: fix heading level 9 months ago
  lemmi 910c76ccf9 README.md: fix links 9 months ago
  Alessio Sergi 2d9971d2ef mate-system-monitor: update to 1.20.1 9 months ago
  Alessio Sergi 60b21ba166 mate-session-manager: update to 1.20.1 9 months ago
  Alessio Sergi 423963a696 mate-sensors-applet: update to 1.20.2 9 months ago
  Alessio Sergi 7949923aef mate-screensaver: update to 1.20.1 9 months ago
  Alessio Sergi 1209ceaec1 mate-power-manager: update to 1.20.2 9 months ago