Automated installation script that will install VoidLInux on LVM + LUKS - See for manual details 799B

Voidlinux LUKS + LVM installer

Basic install script that replaces completely the standard VoidLinux installer.


  • Full Disk Encryption for both boot and root partitions
  • Detects UEFI mode and creates partitions accordingly
  • Set options from a config file
  • Let's you define your LVs from config file
  • Supports execution of custom scripts inside install chroot for easy customization
  • Optionally add swap


  • Boot a VoidLinux LiveCD
  • Setup your network
  • Install Git xbps-install -S git


git clone
cd luks-lvm-install

Edit config to your taste.
If needed put your .sh scripts in custom dir - see examples - before running