15 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Olivier Mauras ef729d731c Switch to packaged kernel from custom repo 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras c4dc9781a7 Make rc.local load network interfaces 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras 7f551099b6 Fix custom scripts to sh shell + make scripts that make sense + Add rc.local that detects network from /proc/cmdline 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras 385bb98d9d Remove problematic DRM options 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras 5b4920f94a Add definitive repo for enhanced busybox packages 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras 85520f3a8a Major revamp => busybox + syslinux install 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras 34e7c4dbe0 Upgrade to kernel 4.14.19 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras ff905a236f Set kernel version as variable 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras 9445b10d4f Remove unneeded packages 11 months ago
  Olivier Mauras b03e9c24a0 Add forwarding sysctl options 1 year ago
  Olivier Mauras 52eb6eb53a Add enforced yama ptrace scope 1 year ago
  Olivier Mauras 98df9110bd Remove useless Intel eth drivers and trusted keys system 1 year ago
  Olivier Mauras ba57b096f9 Add custom directory to process custom scripts without having to modify main install script. *.sh will be run from the chroot 1 year ago
  Olivier Mauras 95ac0e034b Removed a bunch of unneeded network options 1 year ago
  Olivier Mauras 81ada542e4 First commit 1 year ago